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To reach and engage customers, WhatsApp can be a powerful digital marketing tool. Small business owners, medium-sized businesses, and industry behemoths all use WhatsApp marketing as a component of social media marketing (SMM) to advance their brands.

What is WhatsApp Marketing?

Businesses can sell their goods and services on WhatsApp for businesses to gain more exposure. Businesses can use WhatsApp to share links and multimedia items like movies, infographics, brochures, and catalogs to deliver proposals and marketing materials.

Also, it aids businesses' R&D efforts. Focus groups can be held on WhatsApp because users can form group chats with up to 256 contacts. Group chats can be used by organizations to plan, coordinate, and distribute invitations to corporate events.

Companies all around the world are utilizing various techniques to advertise their companies via WhatsApp as they realize the potential of these marketing strategies. Uber, MakeMyTrip, and Singapore Airlines are well-known companies that use WhatsApp for Business to carry out their marketing activities.


Why Should You Use WhatsApp Marketing for Your Business?

The most used messaging app worldwide is WhatsApp. The Whatsapp user base will reach 2 billion active users monthly in 2020. Businesses that wish to reach customers in emerging markets must have access to this marketing channel. For example, India has 340 million monthly WhatsApp users, while Brazil has approximately 100 million. Yet, given that 68 million Americans use WhatsApp at least once a month, it is also a great option for promotions in the US market.

More than half of WhatsApp users check WhatsApp daily, allowing you to stay in touch with your customers using WhatsApp marketing. Even better, since texts have a 98% open rate, you may be certain that they will receive your offers.

The last thing to mention is how much your customers adore this kind of contact. Consumers have higher faith in brands that offer chat apps; 53% of consumers believe they would do business with chat-enabled brands.


Uses of WhatsApp for Marketing

Use WhatsApp to Send Personalised Messages

For digital marketing services, using WhatsApp is a fantastic approach to target customers directly and tailor your messaging. With your target audience, personalised messaging can build trust and loyalty as well as create opportunities for direct communication. WhatsApp is a useful tool for providing individualised digital marketing services. Spend some time experimenting to determine what serves your customers and business the best.


Use WhatsApp to Stay in Touch With Your Customers

WhatsApp is an effective digital marketing tool that can be utilized to reach and engage clients. In the past, it has been difficult to stay in touch with customers without spending a lot of money on customer care platforms or email marketing services. WhatsApp makes it simple, quick, and affordable to communicate with customers.


Use WhatsApp to Provide Customer Support

Any business needs to give customer support, and with the growth of digital marketing services, it's more crucial than ever to do it via a variety of platforms. WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging platforms, and it may be a useful tool for companies to provide customer care. Using WhatsApp, you can create enduring client relationships while offering top-notch customer care. Your WhatsApp account can be promoted and made sure to reach the correct audience with the help of digital marketing agencies.


Use WhatsApp to Offer Special Deals and Discounts

Via WhatsApp, you can connect with your consumers and share exclusive offers catered to their interests. They will feel appreciated as a result, which will motivate them to take advantage of the offer. You can also deliver exclusive bargains to a bigger group of clients by using the WhatsApp group feature.

You may develop relationships with your consumers and entice them to buy your goods or services by sending them exclusive offers and discounts over WhatsApp. With the correct digital marketing approach, you can expand your consumer base and develop your company.


Use WhatsApp to Conduct Surveys

You can get more specific information from each response by customizing surveys made using WhatsApp for each consumer.

The survey can be made to work with your current business goals, including monitoring customer satisfaction or gauging the potency of your offerings. Also, users find it easier to engage in surveys done via WhatsApp than through other channels.


Use WhatsApp to Increase Brand Awareness

As a company, you are aware of the importance of digital marketing services for expanding your audience and raising brand awareness. But, a lot of businesses must understand that WhatsApp can contact potential clients and communicate with them more meaningfully.

If followed correctly, these easy procedures will guarantee the success of all subsequent WhatsApp-based digital marketing initiatives you run.


7 Reasons to Include WhatsApp in Your Marketing Strategy

  • It has worldwide coverage
  • It offers high user engagement
  • It is based on permission marketing
  • It allows you to personalise your communication
  • Its features can be used for marketing
  • It provides an app for running a business
  • It provides a Business API


Making your company visible where your prospective customers are already spending time is a common digital marketing best practice. Users spend the majority of their online time on social networks and messengers, so by using WhatsApp, you can interact with customers worldwide, confirm orders, send shipping updates, and more.

Seven reasons that WhatsApp is worthwhile for marketers. Here they are:

It has worldwide coverage

More than two billion people use WhatsApp regularly across 180 nations. You may find an interested audience on this platform to sell your products and services to. According to Statista, 66% of the US WhatsApp audience is between the ages of 15 and 45. As a result, you can build relationships with a young and engaged audience for marketing and purchasing.


It offers high user engagement.

Over 58% of users worldwide check WhatsApp a few times every day, according to Statista. As a result, you can regularly interact and establish a connection with a sizeable section of the WhatsApp user base.


It is based on permission marketing.

People can only get messages from you if they give you their phone numbers or start a conversation first. Although the guidelines for permission marketing are stringent, they produce a segmented audience and guarantee that your business gets leads who are interested.


It allows you to personalize your communication.

You can gather user behavioral information through WhatsApp, such as information on their interests and buying inclinations. By using this data, you may better design your future promotions and deliver the most pertinent products at the ideal moment.


Its features can be used for marketing.

For instance, using WhatsApp's groups feature, you can create a group of your most valuable customers with up to 256 members and give them exclusive promotions and early-bird tickets to events to thank them for their support. You can send video announcements to numerous recipients at once using the broadcast option.


It provides an app for running a business.

You may build your business profile on WhatsApp Business App, include your hours of operation, link to your website, and add other crucial information about your company. Additionally, WhatsApp Business provides free access to features including a product catalog, instant messaging, and automatic welcome and away messages. You can also enhance your customer care team using these tools.


It provides a Business API.

It is intended for large and medium-sized organizations. You can use it to automatically send your contacts updates, notifications, and shipping information. to use WhatsApp to grow your business online.


Why should you use WhatsApp for customer service?

There are 2 billion active WhatsApp users across 180 nations. There's a good chance that your clients often use WhatsApp. The fact that 70% of WhatsApp users use the app daily makes it even better.

And guess what? By removing the need for customers to constantly visit your website, send emails, or even make phone calls to contact you, offering customer care over WhatsApp reduces client effort.

It makes it unnecessary for them to even type a note, which makes things even simpler. Even voice communications using WhatsApp are possible.

Even WhatsApp chatbots can be used to automatically send notifications and updates to customers. The consumer will even open your message if you provide excellent customer service. The average open rate for WhatsApp messages is 98%, so you know that there is a good possibility that your customers will see these messages, unlike email customer service where it may occasionally feel like a game of chance as to whether they will open this particular email or not.

How can you use WhatsApp for customer service?

Answer customer questions

The simplest obvious action you can take to expand your business is to offer customer service over WhatsApp. Your consumers likely use WhatsApp frequently, so it only makes sense that they should be able to contact you using that app rather than having to open (or, worse, download) another one if they have queries about your products.


Share notifications

You can notify clients who have never interacted with your business on WhatsApp about payments, account updates, shipping updates, etc. by using the WhatsApp business API.

Sending purchase confirmations

Even sending purchase confirmations and order details to your consumers over WhatsApp keeps things open. A WhatsApp chatbot can also be employed to give tailored product recommendations, promote sales, and take payments from clients.


Pushing out reminders

Even reminders for payments, reservations, and appointments could be sent via WhatsApp.


Rescheduling bookings

You can make and cancel appointments, reservations, and other arrangements using WhatsApp. When you incorporate your WhatsApp support solution with customer support and marketing applications like spreadsheets and calendars, the process becomes even simpler for you.

eCommerce notifications

If you manage an eCommerce business on Shopify, you can use a chatbot to automatically deliver order updates and even messages to customers who have left items in their shopping carts that include discounts and other offers. Internet marketing provides you with several opportunities.


Getting customer feedback

A successful customer experience includes gathering customer input and implementing the suggested improvements. The chatbot can encourage customers to provide comments and gather that feedback.

Highlight products and services

On WhatsApp, you may showcase and promote your greatest products, making it easier for customers to browse and buy products without visiting a website.



In conclusion, WhatsApp has the potential to be an effective tool for online marketing campaigns. By leveraging its capabilities and making sure you have the correct techniques, you may quickly reach and engage your target audience. You may use WhatsApp for digital marketing services effectively by following these six suggestions, which cover everything from building broadcast lists to integrating bots and launching campaigns.

Before getting started, you must take into account any privacy laws, including CAN-SPAM and GDPR. Be sure you have your clients' permission and that you are adhering to all applicable laws.




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